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Re: what cpu to buy?

On Mon, 29 Jul 2002, Joshua Steele wrote:


> system is going to be doing everyday activity's running X like
> mp3(ogg)/irc/instant messaging/web browsing etc. nothing extreme, but I
> want a system that will hold up well...as right now konqueror runs
> sluggish on my 500mhz system, and I can't listen to streaming music and
> web browse at the same time, as I get a big performance hit, and the
> system runs sluggish.

Hm. I'd suggest that perhaps better sound and video cards might get you
more of a performance boost. I've got a Dell Inspiron 3000 laptop
(P-266, 112 MB RAM). I don't do much audio on it because A) the sound
chip is an old Crystal Logic, and xmms apparently has issues with it[0],
and B) I've got a Win2k box (I'm a gamer). Netscape's a little sluggish,
but that's netscape. Other than that, the only time I'm cpu-bound is
during compiles.

That being said, if you'll be upgrading the system anyway, when I last
upgraded in game box, I went with an Athlon, for price/performance.
All the specs I found showed the P4s at slightly better performance, but
at a lot bigger price. Of course that was about a year ago. Oh, another
strike against P4s was the Rambus requirement. I disliked their business
model of suing everyone under the sun. 8)

[0] Interestingly, mpg123 works just fine, as does gqmpeg. xmms gives
    me a lot of static.

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