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Re: Questions about installing MySQL -- newbie alert!


If you can't safely pave over the old 2.6 box with a new 3.1 install, get your hands on a machine (any machine) to install 3.1 on and make that your database server. If you can't find an old pentium 100 somewhere, start asking around. Call a couple local companies. Go on ebay. This will at least get you in a world where you won't screw up any old 'production' data (although I shudder to think that box is production...but I understand)

Installing 3.1 new and installing the mySQL port will be much, much easier and productive than trying to hack up the 2.6 box. Also, in my opinion, the older versions of OpenBSD were a tad harder to learn on. Things are a bit slicker now.

"By the end of August" is plenty of time to have this new project up and running, depending on what other things you have going on. Get the following up, and you should be 75% of the way there:

OpenBSD 3.1
PHP4 (from ports)
mySQL (from ports)
myPHPadmin ( from http://wmf.dyndns.org/ - Nifty little html front end to mySQL.)


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