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Re: cyrus-imapd?

>>>>> "PP" == Paul Pruett <ppruett_(_at_)_webengr_(_dot_)_com> writes:

    PP> I was wondering if the reason it is not a port is due to
    PP> limited resources to audit (only so many volunteers and
    PP> funding). Or there might be a valid reason to not use it.

The reason is that nobody made one yet, I suppose. 

cyrus-imapd is expecting a certain behavior from mmap that it does not
have on OpenBSD. Making an efficient port of cyrus-imapd would require
to investigate the code and put msync() calls where they belongs. It
is not an appealing task nor an easy one. 

You can still compile and run cyrus-imapd w/o modifications on OpenBSD
but it will run in some kind of compatibility mode which is very I/O

That's a pity since cyrus-imapd is the best free imapd server I found
on Linux (faster than courier-imap and way less memory consuming than

        Jean-Yves Burlett