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Re: ftp-proxy for real world ?

On Mon, Jul 29, 2002 at 07:38:24AM -0400, ed_(_at_)_overminder_(_dot_)_com wrote:
> Would they permit traffic like h323 across NAT or will be application level filters ?

> I was fooling around with OpenH323 recently and following a few old
> discussions on misc_(_at_)__(_dot_)_ It was general agreement that H323 is bloated,
> and would not work through IPF. So therefore apps such as Netmeeting
> would generally not work through an OpenBSD firewall (PS - I know
> about the MS article and the ports problem).
> However, a little birdie told me that linux/netfilter guyz now have a
> masq under linux. So, I'd like to have a feature request (if possible)
> for  OpenH323 support under pf.

> Any comments, flames etc.?

  No fucking way

  Do you have any idea how fucking insane the h.323 protocol is?  Anyone
  who runs a h.323 should get shoved out a window, beaten, flayed, spanked,
  shot, disembowled, hung, and forced to listen to hummpa music.  If you
  want to firewall h.323, go commit yourself to an asylum with straight
  jackets and with padded walls -- at least you'll be in common company
  with the other linux wacko's.

bah humbug,
(Mike Frantzen on tech at openbsd.org 20 Aug 2001)

(it's actually humppa, mike ;-) )

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