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Re: OT way OT from Re: filtering by mac

On Sat, 27 Jul 2002, Chris Wage wrote:

> Upon reading the manpage for pf.conf the other day I was intrigued by
> the route-to parameter..
> Similarly this got me thinking that OpenBSD could actually make for a
> pretty kick-ass low-cost L4 switch provided you could get hardware
> that would scale better than a PCI bus would..
> Does anyone know what (if anything) you could use to get the kind of
> performance that commercial L4 switches get?
> --Chris
> cwage_(_at_)_agenteight_(_dot_)_com
> http://chris.agenteight.com/

Nothing that I know of will, Cisco, Foundry, Extreme, ... have spent alot
of money building hardware/firmware to do this.

Now if you still wanna have a go at it, take a look at some of the PCI-X
specs.  However you're still gonna run into bottlenecks, using PC
hardware, 'cause you always have 2 moves on the bus.