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Re: Adaptec 2400A

  If memory serves, doesn't this card use a HighPoint chipset?  Which 
would mean it probably is driver-implemented RAID with a customized BIOS.


Kurt Seifried wrote:

>I was just asking that myself on #openbsd efnet the other day, someone there
>claims to have it working, put out dmesg output, reports as a scsi device
>(otherwise the ide limits would make it kind of useless), he didn't know if
>the hot spare/fail over functionality works though (i.e. is the interface
>available in OpenBSD, or windows only software).
>Kurt Seifried, kurt_(_at_)_seifried_(_dot_)_org
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>From: "Geoff Sweet" <larryboy2k_(_at_)_attbi_(_dot_)_com>
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>Sent: Friday, July 26, 2002 10:37 PM
>Subject: Adaptec 2400A
>>Has anyone installed OBSD 3.1 with this card?  It is the 4 channel ATA
>>Raid card, but fotunately it is onboard raid and not driver integrated
>>RAID like on the Promise cards.  Was hoping that there was driver
>>support for it, but didn't see it listed on the hardware list.
>>Geoff Sweet
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