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Re: configuring sendmail to use different smtp relay

On Fri, Jul 26, 2002, Ben Goren wrote:

> Erm...it's been  my experience that the  Sendmail m4 configuration
> files  are  nearly  as  inscrutible as  the  actual  configuration
> file. There's certainly no harm in making a one-line change to the
> live file, other than the  possibility of making a typo. It's also
> a simpler  and quicker  process if  all you're  doing is,  in this
> case, adding a smart relay host.

In this case you get lucky; I didn't make the rulesets that
actually implement the SMART_HOST feature dependent on its

Try to enable masquerading by editing the .cf file.

Besides, I added a warning in 8.12, but it seems to be ignored...

> Besides, it's always struck me  as mightily peculiar that you have
> to  edit  one configuration  file  in  order to  generate  another
> configuration  file--the complexity  edges towards  the insane.

Think of it as compiling. You don't edit the binary either, do you?

PS: I agree that having a simpler configuration syntax would be
nice. The next generation of sendmail is supposed to fulfill this
requirement (and many others).

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