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Re: filtering by mac

On Fri, Jul 26, 2002 at 03:56:09PM -0500, David Norman wrote:

> I'm dealing  with client machines  what have users  barely smart
> enough to open IE and  check hotmail. Authorizing via ssh is out
> of the  question.  It must  all be transparent after  an initial
> web signup.

Then authpf is exactly what  you want. Install putty on the client
machines and tell  them to double-click on it before  they can get
access to  whatever. If your Web  form would  make them type  in a
password every time, nothing further on your part is needed--putty
will give them a window that  prompts for a password. If you don't
even want  them typing  passwords, then  set them  up with  an SSH
key--no password needed.

If your users  can't handle ``Double-click this to  connect to the
Web; close  the window when  you're done,'' then forget  the whole
deal,  open it  wide up. Your  users have  already done  something
stupid enough that that's the result.

If you're  too lazy to  install putty  (and maybe generate  an SSH
key) for them, then....



Ben Goren

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