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Re: exporting X session

At 02:50 PM 7/24/2002 -0700, you wrote:
>> >> BUT, when I try logging via "ssh <machine> zsh", export the DISPLAY and
>> >> start the graphic app, I get "cannot open display" ...
>> >
>> >man xhost
>> Gag!  xauth, at least.
>	local% ssh -X <machine>
>	machine% graphic_app
>is sufficient.  RTFM ssh:

Even though it's not directly applicable in this instance, I'll also toss
on, for the archive's sake that anybody doing X over SSH should also RTFM
for sshd_config.
X forwarding is not on by default.  

It's amazing how often that gets overlooked, IMHE.

Signing off, 

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