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questions about DDB

Hi folks!
Maybe isn't possible to do this, or there's a workaround for that.
I want to configure my kernel with the:

option          DDB             # in-kernel debugger

and make possible, in the case i get into kernelpanic, that ddb
automatically make a 'boot dump' and so the machine reboot without
a man_(_at_)_console_(_dot_)_

Is it possible?
I mean someting like in freebsd (tnx nextie for the tip):

# Set the amount of time (in seconds) the system will wait before
# rebooting automatically when a kernel panic occurs.  If set to (-1),
# the system will wait indefinitely until a key is pressed on the
# console.
options         PANIC_REBOOT_WAIT_TIME=16

I'm hard testing pf between remote machines, so i fell down in frequent reboots.

Tnx in  advance


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