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Re: ld.so losing directories? (& other questions)

On Wed, 2002-07-24 at 13:36, Saad Kadhi wrote:
> that's weird. what version of openbsd are you running ? have you tried to
> "force" this by adding "/usr/local/lib" as arg for shlib_dirs in
/etc/rc.conf ?

3.0. shlib_dirs is empty, but I've just added /usr/local/lib. I didn't
know about that.

Perhaps /usr/local/lib was in the cache when I originally installed it,
and nothing had rebuilt the cache until a few days ago when something
broke? But wouldn't the cache need to be rebuilt every time I install a

> > Can anyone make any informed comments on BSD's buffer cache vs. Linux
> > buffer cache, and anything I might be able to tweak to improve things?
> man options(4) and look for BUFCACHEPERCENT

Defaults to 5%, it says. I shall investigate. Ta.

(Is that the minimum percentage? Surely BSD doesn't use a fixed size
buffer cache?)

> > The contents of this e-mail and any attachments are confidential and may
> this is *really* annoying ...

Yeah, I'm sorry, I sent it with the wrong email persona. Noticed about
two seconds after I hit send, of course.

Thanks for the help.

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