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memory usage/tuning question

i'm somewhat fearful about asking a question in the current environment on
this list, but here goes anyway...

there was a discussion earlier this month that piqued my interest on over
provisioning of RAM in OpenBSD systems. i've been attempting to find more
on the subject, but the various FAQs around the net don't really address
it, and i've ascertained that there is a glitch in the list archive search
on www.openbsd.org (specifically, the restrict matched files option doesn't
appear to work, meaning i can't easily search the misc list archives for,
say, RAM, and get results for anything newer than July 2000 postings before
the limit of 1000 files is exceeded.)

anyway, what is the recommended maximum RAM for a generic kernel on an
i386, and is there anything written up about tweaking memory usage to make
effective use of more than the max value? i have an IBM X330 with a gig of
ram that i'm considering building as an OpenBSD box for use as a colocated
web & email server.

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