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Re: which rule with log option (pf) creates which entry in pflog0 ? (openbsd 3.1)

On 22/07/2002, achim_(_at_)_gmg_(_dot_)_ruhr-uni-bochum_(_dot_)_de <achim_(_at_)_gmg_(_dot_)_ruhr-uni-bochum_(_dot_)_de> wrote To misc_(_at_)_openbsd_(_dot_)_org:
> Is there a possibility in pf (openbsd 3.1) to see in tcpdump (tcpdump -i 
> pflog0) which rule (with the log-option) has produced the entry?

Yes. [Re]read pflogd(8).

> When more than one rule has the log-option, i find it very usefull for 
> testing the firewall to see which rule has created the entry in pflog0.


> When it is not possible, is there any hope that this is fixed in any near 
> future in one of the next openbsd releases ?

Rather fix your reading skills in any near future.

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