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A question for those running -current on i386

   Sometime in the last three or four weeks, I seem to have lost
the ability to run the everybuddy messenger program, for use
with Yahoo.

   I'm not sure when the last time I used it was, but I think three
or four weeks ago.  When I try to run it, I get a dialog box that
says Yaho login failed.  Could not log into Yahoo service. 
Please verify that your username and password are correctly

   I have since found out that ari-yahoo doesn't work either, nor
does the Java version of Yahoo's messenger.  I know that used
to work, as well.

   Is there anyone running i386 -current that has everybuddy, or
indeed any yahoo type messenger program working?

   I wondered if I had an incompatible package, but I've tried
everybussy from the last several sets of packages with no luck.

   At this point I'm convinced that something broke something
that everybuddy (and ari-yahoo) uses, but so far I haven't 
figured out what that is.

   Anyway, something is odd, I think.  If anyone can tell me that
they are in fact running such, then I know I've done something

--STeve Andre'

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