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Rebuilding XF4 with debuging

I have had a problem with XF4 since it was released in *BSD. xf86cfg
causes a black screen with a non-blinking cursor on top left, I've left
it for upto 20 minutes, ctrl-alt-backspace doesn't get it out, and no
more ping replies from network. xf86config's config file does the same
thing with even mono and vga servers. Oddly XF4 works fine in Linux with
the nv driver. My video card is a TNT2.
Anyway it was suggested to me to build X with debugging, so I cvs'd XF4
source, did make all, cd xc/programs/Xserver && make clean includes
depend, makeg, cd ../../../ && make release.
I've never used debugging before. At this point do I just unpack the tar
balls (after backing up /usr/X11R6)?
Where can I expect the debugging info to go, to console or to a log?
Whats the reccomend way for me to produce this bug? XFree86 -configure,
or xf86cfg, or xf86config and xinit.
By the way, XF3 works fine in *BSD for me.