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Re: libXext.so.6.3

At 15:49 18/07/02, Michael Lucas wrote:
On Thu, Jul 18, 2002 at 03:58:12PM +0100, Lou Hevly wrote:
> Is this library in OpenBSD/2.8/X11.tar.gz?

Don't know. Use tar -tzvf X11.tar.gz | grep libXext to find out.

Not there. After untarring I did `find ./ -name '*libXext*' and got no result, but I thought running `make` might create this lib on the fly.

> If so, is there any way to obtain this library without installing
> X11.tar.gz?

This probably won't cover all the libraries you need.  I would suspect
that any Java will need a good subset of X, if not all.  Use ldd to
see what libraries your binary expects.

Unfortunately, ldd doesn't work for these:

[root:/usr]$ ldd /usr/local/bin/kaffe
ldd: /usr/local/bin/kaffe: not a dynamic executable
[root:/usr]$ ldd /usr/local/bin/java
ldd: /usr/local/bin/java: not a dynamic executable

Find the libraries your program will gripe about, and make your
decisions of what to install accordingly.

But where can I obtain the libraries my program will gripe about? Searches at google for "get libXext.so.6.3", "obtain libXext.so.6.3", "download libXext.so.6.3" and "find libXext.so.6.3" all turn up empty.

At any rate, thanks for your suggestion; ldd is certainly useful.

All the best (Adéu-siau),
Lou Hevly