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SOLUTION: Re: and niether bootloader nor booteasy shall work

Thanks to the many people that replied off list to me. I have run into this issue twice now, both times with a different solution.

Problem: I have a large disk (20GB) and cannot boot from the mounted root partition.

Solution #1: Install booteasy. Instructions are on the FAQ (here's one copy: http://www.openbsd.org/faq/faq14.html#D0P3)

Solution #2: Create a partitioning scheme that puts the root partition in the first 250MB of the disk.

ie: / 250MB
   /usr 12GB
   /home 6GB
   swap 1.7GB

(Partitioning is a work of fancy. Everyone has an opinion as to how it should be performed, this is ONLY an example, and may or may not be the way I do it. The important part is the 250MB root partition.)


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