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Novice trying to install OpenBSD

I have a Wýndows98 running PC. After installing a new hard drive, and
downloading the OpenBSD3.1 files from the internet, and preparing a
floppy, I installed the BSD on the second disk.

First question is about modem: The system does not recognize it. The
portion of dmesg which looks like related to modem says:

"unkown vendor 0x141a product 0x1035 (class communications, subclass
miscellaneous, rev 0x08) at pci0 dev 10 function 0 not configured"

while Windows reports the modem as Apache HCF K56 at Com3.

Second question is about starting X Windows. After typing XFree86, the
screen turns into granular window-like appearance without borders,
without menu, without any text, without windows controls. There is a X
shaped cursor and mouse works. The answer may be simple but could not
find it.