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Re: after upgrade trouble with using GD through php?

 It must be something on the upgraded box, Its working on a 3.1 brought to
stable then ports made.  worse case I should be able to use the packages
created on the virgin test box and install on the upgraded box

another good thing about openbsd, an old pentium 166 w/ 64meg & 4gig drive
is good  enough for a test box for most apps.

> Is anyone else having problems with php using gd commands
> after upgrading ports and operating system from 3.0 to 3.1?
> Another haunting found much later after upgrading ports also....
> some php glueware depending upon imagepng and imagejpeg is not working....
> I did look at the httpd error_log since php can be set to put
> errors their now - no errors, just no images being outputed.

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