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Re: just got hacked.. now what

On Sun, Jul 14, 2002 at 12:42:14PM +0200, albert wrote:
> Hello
> Im running a router/webserver at home and woke up to find my webpage hacked
> this morning.
> Not the best morning I'd say.
> Anyway.. ive never been hacked before and i havent really bothered since i
> was under
> the impression that no-one would care about my little insignificant server.
A completely false impression too many people somehow get.
It really doesn't matter where your server is or how big and shiny it

> now.. im running 3.1 without any patches.. and i happened to have port 22
> exposed cause
> i had to do some work outside my home on it. And ofcourse someone hacked me.

Yes, you're the second one reporting this, so there's definitely some
root kit out there.
> ok. so i got hacked, now what i want to know is.. where do i go from here?

You reinstall your machine and bring it to the latest patch level
before putting it online again.
> any help and tips would be greatly appreciated

I advise you to reinstall immediately.
And this time follow the patch branch and please read our errata pages
more frequently, this bug is known for weeks.

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