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btw, mysql.sock changed location going from 3.0 to 3.1 stable

In the rush to bring several online 3.0 machines to 3.1
and then on to stable I quickly noticed problems because mysql.sock
is now in a different location.

meanwhile is this as bad idea for temp fix while making new ports and
procrastinating to do the pkg_del, pkg_add darn those dependencies dance?

 cd /var/mysql
 ln -s /var/run/mysql/mysql.sock ./mysql.sock


For stable 3.1
Note in /usr/ports/databases/mysql/Makefile
DB_DIR?=        /var/mysql
SOCKET_DIR=     /var/run/mysql
and for config. --with-unix-socket-path="${SOCKET_DIR}/mysql.sock"

NOte in a Makefile 9 months old, like stable for OpenBSD 3.0
DB_DIR?=	/var/mysql
and in config,  --with-unix-socket-path="${DB_DIR}/mysql.sock" \

This might cause some fun time if you upgade the os but not the ports.


Mergemaster was a big help on automating upgrades,
does anyone have a good tool for upgrading ports, or
is it - take lots of notes, dump data, delete the old ports
layer the new ports (pkg_add or make install with that flavor...) back in
and reload data and allocate many hours to do so by manually?