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OpenBSD-amiga under emulation (UAE+MMU)

I've had some success with the MMU patches for UAE 0.8.20, making the
3.1 release bsd.rd come as far as listing most of the attached devices.

I took a screenshot, available here:

Disabling qn0 from UKC> showed that it's really not the quicknet card that
"kills it", it will at the same point if the qn0 isn't there.
Older bsd.rd's never reach/find the qn0 so it might be spurious stuff that
make it look like a qn0.

Would be kind of neat to get this one to run all the way.

(No, I don't have a project webpage on sf.net, nor themes/skins or
 contributed music, just the screenshot. Therefore this isn't a real
 project =)

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