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syslog restarts every 10-15 hours (openbsd 3.1)

Hello !

When i take a look in the logfile, i see that the syslog daemon restarts 
every 10-15 hours (two times in 24 hours ~).
In /var/log/messages appears the followed  message:

Jul  5 13:00:01  syslogd: restart
Jul  5 19:00:02  syslogd: restart
Jul  6 09:00:02  syslogd: restart
Jul  6 13:00:02  syslogd: restart
Jul  6 23:00:01  syslogd: restart
Jul  7 13:00:02  syslogd: restart
Jul  8 03:00:01  syslogd: restart
Jul  8 13:00:02  syslogd: restart
Jul  8 17:00:01  syslogd: restart

Under normal circumstances, the syslog don't restart so often and 
this entry can be a  signal that an intruder is in the System and 
manipulate /var/log/messages or the config-file.

Can anyone say me if this behaviour is normal for openbsd 3.1 and 
why ? Can i change this?

Thanks for help and answers.

With best regards


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