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C-Media audio mixer problems

I'm trying to use some sound applications on a 3.1 i386 system with a
CMI8738 sound chip integrated on the motherboard.  I can get sounds
to play, but I cannot do anything that involves the mixer.  
Running aumix gives:
# aumix
aumix:  MIXER_READ

running peepd (for which I'm working on a port) dies when it attempts
to initialze the mixer.

Relevant dmesg lines:
cmpci0 at pci0 dev 5 function 0 "C-Media Electronics CMI8738/C3DX Audio" rev 0x10: irq 10
audio0 at cmpci0

I found these two posts:
Which seems to have had the same problem on 2.9

which seems like it probably is the same problem, I'm guessing on 3.0,
based on the date.

Neither of them received any responses to the list.
Any suggestions?
Jeff Rosenberger			jtan.com PFY
jar_(_at_)_{jtan_(_dot_)_com,wpi.edu}                	WPI CS 2004