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Re: OBSD 3.1 NAT configuration question

On 08/07/2002, Raymond C. Rodgers <obsd_(_at_)_bbnk_(_dot_)_dhs_(_dot_)_org> wrote To misc_(_at_)_openbsd_(_dot_)_org:
> So what I'm wondering is if my internal NAT config line ("nat on dc0 from 
> to any -> dc0") is essentially competing with the rdr lines 
> ("rdr on dc0 proto udp from any to dc0 port 7500:7800 -> port 
> 7500:*" and "rdr on dc0 proto udp from any to dc0 port 22000 -> 
> port 22000"). Perhaps packets are never getting as far as the 
> rdr lines?

Yes, NAT evaluation uses first-match-wins.
You can fine tune this w/ closer specification about who is
talking to who and 'no nat'. See nat.conf.5

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