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Re: UPnP NAT Traversal

On Mon, Jul 08, 2002 at 02:50:24PM -0400, Ben Allen wrote:

> Let  me  ask my  real  problem  how in  the  world  can get  MSN
> Messenger  to send  files  from  a computer  behind  NAT to  the
> outside world?

Erm...isn't this like asking the best way to use a drill to hammer
a nail? There are lots of ways of sending files between computers,
including ways that were actually designed for the job.

May  I  suggest  setting  up  an SCP  or  SFTP  server? There  are
free  and easy-to-use  clients  for  all platforms. With  keypairs
for  authentication,  your  clients  need  do  nothing  more  than
drag  an  icon   into  or  out  of  a  window. Or,   if  you  like
the  point-to-point  ``send  file''   method,  what's  worng  with
MIME-enhanced email? Virtually every  mailer that's been published
for  years  has no  trouble  with  attachments (unless  you  count
Outlook's  automatic  execution  of  them,  and  we  shouldn't  go
there). As a bonus, you could use PGP or GnuPG for true security.

Microsoft, more thany any other organization, is guilty of feeping
creaturism. Don't, as  they have, fall  into the trap  of thinking
that just  because something is  possible means that it  should be
done. If that were  the case, people would  use their convertibles
to haul manure, use a chainsaw  to chop salad vegatables, or forgo
shoes in favor of a wrapping of duct tape.

Use the  right tool for  the right job--especially when  the right
tool is already in your tool chest.

Good luck,


Ben Goren

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