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Re: several crashes with -current

On Sat, 06 Jul 2002 13:17:28 +0200
Kamil Andrusz <wizz_(_at_)_mniam_(_dot_)_net> wrote:

> Modified files:
>         sys/netinet    : udp_usrreq.c
> Log message:
> undo recent changes; they still crash for people (dhclient this time).
> This is a bullshit process.  Test your shit before you toss it into
> the tree.

It is of note that I am running dhclient on a -current system with the
troublesome revision of udp_usrreq.c and haven't seen any problems with
it yet after 8days. So this problem might not apply to all machines.

more specific:
dhcpd: no idea, my ISP's cable modem dhcpd.
interface on which dhcp is enabled: ne3 (realtek ne2000 PCI)
custom kernel - i386

// nick