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Re: moving /usr

On Fri, Jul 05, 2002 at 09:39:18PM -0400, David J Jackson wrote:

> After reading  the FAQ on adding  disk.  I mounted the  new disk
> under /mnt, and cpio /usr to  /mnt.  Did a reboot, and booted to
> single user mode.  But when I try to do a mv /usr /usr.old I get
> readonly filesytem?

When you boot  into single-user mode, init doesn't  launch rc (8),
and it's rc that mounts disks. Therefore, all you have is the root
disk available  read-only. It might not  even be truly  mounted in
the normal sense, but I'm talking out of my ear on that bit.

Personally, most  of the time  when I boot into  single-user mode,
the first thing I do is ``mount -a.'' I wouldn't recommend getting
into the habit of doing so unless you've carefully thought through
the  repercussions, but  that's probably  what you'll  do in  this
case, too.

Manual pages to read:

    boot, init, rc, shutdown, mount, fsck, and those referenced



Ben Goren

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