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Re: Corrupted superblock / copying partition tables

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On Sat, Jul 06, 2002 at 01:27:53AM +0100, Duncan Martin wrote:

> Back  in  the  archive  someone  mentioned  there  is  a  backup
> superblock 32  blocks on from  the original.  Should  OBSD found
> this automatically?

This  *really* is  an RTFM. Your  disk  is hosed,  you're using  a
program to  fix it, and you  haven't read the manual  page on that
program. Please read:



And, yes,  the answer to your  question is in the  manual page. As
are the answers to the next few questions you'll have.

Depending on  how screwed you really  are, you might want  to look
for disaster recovery tools or services:


Hint: OpenBSD uses the Berkeley FFS as the default.

Good luck,


Ben Goren

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