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Re: Serial console on 2.6

On Fri, Jul 05, 2002 at 12:00:09PM -0700, Ben Goren wrote:

> You don't  want to  run 2.6. Only  versions up to  a year  old are
> supported (it's  a manpower  thing), and  2.6 is,  what...close to
> three years old?   There are bugs in it for  which no official fix
> is available. Sure,  you're welcome  to backport fixes  applied to
> later versions yourself, but  the questions you're asking indicate
> that it's rather unlikely you're capable of doing so.

I have patched and re-compiled OpenBSD kernels before...

I would like to upgrade, but since this server is in production, how much
will I break during the upgrade...? Can I just drop in a new kernel or
will I have to worry about a ton of other stuff?

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