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Re: sparc10 and openbsd.

> I purchased a sun sparcStation 10 at a company garage sale. I was
> excited about loading openbsd on it. the problem is the machine has only
> 1 hd. And it's a old 426mb Seagate st1480n with a scsi-2 interface. I
> have several western-digital and ibm scsi-3 hard drives laying around
> so.. I was wondering if there is a cheap way of adapting these scsi-3
> hd's to the sparc10? 

The internal disk probably has one of those SCA connectors that handle
data and power together.  If your other disks aren't likewise equipped,
you won't be able to connect them to the slot where the current disk 
sits.  However, a Sparc 10 should also have a 68-pin internal SCSI 
connector and a unused power plug - my Sparc 5 does.  You should be
able to connect one of your other drives to those.  If you want to 
boot from it, you'll probably need to jumper it to SCSI ID 3, or set
the boot device in the EEPROM.  You can find documentation on how to
so that at various places around the web.  Just search for "sparc
eeprom" or "sun eeprom", or something similar.

David S.