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Re: RTL8139 Cardbus

On Thu, Jul 04, 2002 at 12:12:23PM +0000, Miod Vallat wrote:
> > > I recently bought a PCMCIA ethernet card, only to discover that it
> > > wasn't supported by OpenBSD 3.0. 
> > > This card is an extremely basic RTL8139 in a Cardbus box.
> > 
> > supported in -current.
> > Chris & I did VLAN tests with such a card on c2k2.
> Assuming this is the same card.
> Since the original poster did not care to share his dmesg, how do you
> know for sure this card will be recognized in current?

grr, yes, I was unclear. We do support RTL8139 cardbus cards now. If the
original poster's one isn't recognized it should be as easy as adding the
dev IDs.