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Ugraded 3.0 to 3.1 and PF question

I've been using obsd 3.0 as my firewall for a while, and since the advisories have gone out and since I need to pass gre, I decided to just upgrade to 3.1.

First thing I did was doctor the /etc/rc so that it would read pfctl -f /etc/pf.conf (which it does nicely). The second thing I did was insert the nat.conf stuff into the top of pf.conf, next was update SSH, and finally reboot.

My internal interfaces are up, the rules load (pfctl -s nat and pfctl -s rules show that), the change in sysctl to allow forwarding is in.. but none of my internal network can get out.

This is greatly reducing my spousal faction right now, as my wife cannot visit her message boards. :)

I searched to find the answer of course, and I may have phrased the question incorrectly for the search engines.

Is there something I missed in the migration?


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