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Nessus Results

Hey There People,

As a Canadian I would like to wish all fellow Canadians a happy (day
late) Canada Day.  I would also like to wish the USA a happy upcoming
Independance Day.

Ok now to the real issues.

I ran nessus against my OpenBSD 3.1 box yesterday with all the options
checked.  There are two that strike me as odd.

SMTP reports

There seems to be a buffer overflow in the remote SMTP server when the
server issued a too long argument to the 'MAIL FROM' command, such as:

MAIL FROM: nessus_(_at_)_AAAAA_(_dot_)__(_dot_)__(_dot_)__(_dot_)__(_dot_)__(_dot_)_AAAAAA

This problem may allow a cracker to prevent this host from acting as a
mail host and may even allow him to execute arbitrary code on this

Solution: Inform your vendor of this vunerability and wait for a patch

Risk Factor: High
CVE: CVE-2000-0452

I'm running the stock sendmail that comes with OpenBSD-3.1 STABLE
configured for virtual domain hosting.

POP3 reports

The remote POP3 server is vunerable to the following buffer overflow:

USER test
PASS <buffer>

This *may* allow an attacker to execute arbitrary commands as root on
the remote POP3 server.

Solution: contact your vendor, inform it of this vunerablity, and ask
for a patch

Risk Factor: High
CVE: CAN-1999-1511

I'm running the OpenBSD-3.1 STABLE POP3D from /etc/rc.local

Should I be concerned about these???

- James