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Re: ssh protocol version 1 and 2 allowed?

> FYI: the was a discussion on this topic a few months ago on the 
> netbsd-user or netbsd-help mailing lists.  It seems that by fiddling
> the gcc options used to build openssh, you can get better performance
> on SPARCs.  I never tried it myself, however.  If you're interested,
> I'm sure you can dig up the details in those mailing lists' archives.

Well, I'd be interested to see it.  But 1) I really doubt there's all that 
much that can be done to speed up DSA on a Sparc 2, and 2) I, personally, 
have no problem using SSH1 on my sparcs, partly because I'm not all that 
worried about SSH1 in the first place, but mostly because they're on a 
firewalled, private-IP LAN. <g>  Others, of course, may feel differently.