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problems with publicfile on OpenBSD snapshot.

I installed publicfile-0.52.tar.gz on an OpenBSD (snapshot) server. I followed the instructions on Dan Bernstein's website:


verbatim, except for when running this command:

/usr/local/publicfile/bin/configure ftp ftplog /public www.heaven.af.mil www

I used instead:

  /usr/local/publicfile/bin/configure ftp ftplog /public

I then created two files under /public/file/0 called index.html and test.txt and did a chmod ugo+r on both files.

Next I went to my Windows XP machine at, opened Internet Explorer and typed in the url:

I get a "We can't find "".

Then I clicked Start -> Run -> cmd -> ftp and I get a "> ftp: connect :Unknown error number"

How come I can't connect?  Did I miss a step?

I can ssh to the OpenBSD server just fine so it can't be network related.

Of course I joined the publicfile mailing list and asked the same question but thought I'd try here as well.

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