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Help: Creating installable OpenBSD-stable archives / CDs?

Hi all.

Well I started with the 3.1 release CD set and installed in on a system
intended to be a server not a build machine.  But since there were many
updates / patches I ended up rebuilding the kernel and OS to go from
3.1 to -stable.

In the future I want to do patch/update builds on another machine, 
and just make archives of the newly built binaries in the same form as 
the -release installable files are, so I can just (I)nstall / (U)pgrade 
production machines and not have to build on them.

Where are the scripts, Makefiles, or other docs. that would help me take
the newly built -stable or -current OS files and package them to be installed
on other machines?

I didn't see any such options in /usr/src/Makefile or any scripts there.

Surely this is something many people would wish to do.

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