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Re: OpenSSH: What went wrong?

On 29/06/2002, Darren Reed <avalon_(_at_)_coombs_(_dot_)_anu_(_dot_)_edu_(_dot_)_au> wrote Cc misc_(_at_)_openbsd_(_dot_)_org:
> > http://www.securitybugware.org/mUNIXes/4323.html
> At the time that was reported, fragrouter had to be modified to
> exploit the problem.

At the time the OpenSSH problem was "reported", an exploit has
yet to been written. Point being?

> That bug got fixed and as part of IPFilter, there's a regression test,
> f13, to make sure it never, accidently, resurfaces.

I am not impressed.

This bug slipped through your maybe existing auditing. Case closed.

As I said, pick your own nose.

No more talk needed.

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