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mounting partitions ro

[i'm sorry if this mail happens to be a duplicate. i sent it yesterday
and still didn't see it coming back, like it never reached misc_(_at_)_]

i'm doing some test with partitions/shutdowns/ups and i need to know a
couple of things i suspect may be true... i read various man pages and
did some searches on monkey.org but i still didn't find anything that
can tell me for sure if i'm wrong or not :)

1) if the logs say:

Jun 25 13:08:21 meshuggah /bsd: WARNING: / was not properly unmounted

does it mean that ONLY / was not unmounted properly or other partitions
may have been in the same situation without obsd writing it in the logs?

2) mounting / read only is a thing should never never be done? there are
partition that should never be remounted ro?

basically i was mounting all the partition ro inside rc.shutdown before
shutting down the ups but this makes the system crash, and now i'm
trying to find if the crash is due to the / partition only or if the
crash would happen an all the partition. i'm using the following

mount -r -u /dev/<device>

(one for each partition of course)



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