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Re: OT: keeping OpenSSH connection alive

> Okay, we keep getting crap questions with NEI (not enough information)
> to be useful.

I disagree.
Me explaining all the reasons I want to do this and what I 
might have planned for it would just waste everyone's time.
Maybe I want to tunnel a MySQL connection, maybe I want to
read my mail through a terminal at all times, even if the
mail server is rebooted.  Why should it matter?
I whittled the problem down to its essence so I could just
ask the one part I couldn't solve, and get back out of
everyone's way.
Carson answered it with a URL which was all I needed. 
Pop tarts on their way to Oakland for your trouble, Chuck.

> Quoting OpenBSD baby (bsd_(_at_)_hitmedia_(_dot_)_com):
> > Anyone know how to keep an OpenSSH connection alive between two
> > OpenBSD boxes?  (Assuming they're using DSA PublicKey auth with
> > no password, so they don't need human intervention.)
> > 
> > Would it be something like a cron that checks to see if a 
> > connection exists, and runs the ssh command if it doesn't?
> > (Like a PPP keep-alive situation, redialing if connection is lost.)
> > 
> > Is it possible to see if a connection exists?  I couldn't find
> > anything like that in the docs.

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