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Re: FW: rdr

In response to ben_(_at_)_trumpetpower_(_dot_)_com on 23/6/02 at 9:33 PM

|> #nat.conf
|> nat on rl0 from to any -> ext_ip
|If this is the entirety of your nat.conf, then here's the problem.
|``ext_ip'' is not  valid nat.conf syntax. If you intend  to use it
|as a  variable...I'm not  even sure  you can.

Yes. Variable expansion works fine in nat.conf

|If  you can, you'll first need to  declare it and
|then prepend it with a dollar sign. Something like:
|    ext_ip = ""
|    nat on rl0 from to any -> $ext_ip
|I haven't looked past this--there could be other problems....

|> rdr on rl0 proto tcp from any to ext_ip/32 port 80 ->
|> rdr on rl0 proto udp from any to ext_ip/32 port 80 ->

|... ext_ip/32 ...

This is another problem. It would have to be, as Ben pointed out, within
the earlier declaration as in:

    ext_ip = ""

and later used as:

    blah blah blah $ext_ip blah blah blah
where 'blah' is the balance of the statement.