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Re: encryption

lars_(_dot_)_fricke_(_at_)_web_(_dot_)_de wrote:
openbsd_(_at_)_zacharie_(_dot_)_net schrieb am 21.06.02 14:24:55:
I would like to create and use an encrypted partition "on the fly", but i don't know how to create this under OpenBSD.
wich programs or software tools should I use for this ?

I tried http://www.backwatcher.org/writing/howtos/obsd-encrypted-filesystem.html and it worked fine with the stated limitations.

FWIW: The 'Filesystem Damage' limitation as listed in the howto can be overcome easily, 'fsck -t ffs svnd??' after running 'vnconfig -ck ...' will check the filesystem just fine. Tested on 2.9 and 3.1.


ps. I've just emailed the howto author with the same info.

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