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Fw: openbsd rumours

Has anybody else heard of this?! Are we talking serious here? (Certainly hope


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Deer readers,

Few days ago, while i was at the #darknet, i saw three ScRiPtKidIeZ (within
the rest of them) talking about the 7350-crocodile.c, 7350-obsdftpd.c and the
7350-pf.c exploit code by team teso made with support of GOBBLES Security, who
gave them the advisories.

The good news:

the exploits aint that much spreaded and they've been kept on the underground
for about 1month. This ain't really a good new, but it is better than the ones
that follow.

The bad news:

- openbsd ftp/cvs have been compromised and backdoored by the kidies, that
hang mostly on #!hack.the.turkey at efnet.
- the technique is new and very obscure, the three exploits abuse em and is
applicable only on *BSD flavors (afaik).

the a really short part of the logs show this:

<m0rgan> ./a.out
<m0rgan> 7350-crocodile - x86/OpenBSD apache/telnetd/sshd
*** pr0ix (pr0ix_(_at_)_def-con_(_dot_)_org) has joined #darknet
<m0rgan> by lorian and scut / TESO
<m0rgan> ./7350-crocodile [options] [host] [port] [misc-option]
<m0rgan> -d <daemon> (1= apache, 2= telnetd, 3= sshd)
<m0rgan> -b bruteforce
<m0rgan> -c check only
<m0rgan> -s <0xaddr> start address
<m0rgan> -S shellcode (? to show the list)
<pr0ix> wtf?
<m0rgan> greetz: synnergy, GOBBLES Security, ElectronicSoulz, shiftee, bnuts,
<m0rgan> sidenote: nasa.gov was really easy ;>
<m0rgan> muahah fear.
<xxx> could you send me that?
*** pr0ix sets mode: +b xxx!*_(_at_)_200_(_dot_)_*
*** xxx was kicked by pr0ix (0day-lurker)

keep an eye open at your logs, as they said the exploit makes a lot of noise
on the system and "private" logs and thus it is easy to spot, put your ids on.

Martin (VanCloudeJandame)
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