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Re: pf and ftp

I neglected to give all the info. It was late.

The strange thing is that I can authenticate to the ftp server. i can get right to list but it wont go any furthur. I get ftp> and give the ls 
command and........ nothing    it times out..   I know this sounds like I am ion active mode. butI have set pasv and the client reports pasv. 
Internaly I can log into the ftp server in both active and pasv move. could the ftp server be forcing active mode??? 



6/16/2002 12:15:51 PM, "Scott Sandeman-Allen (RSCorp)" <scott_(_at_)_rscorp_(_dot_)_ab_(_dot_)_ca> wrote:

>In response to admin_(_at_)_gitflorida_(_dot_)_com on 16/6/02 at 12:39 AM
>|I am running 3.0 and pf as a home firewall. 
>|I have port 2121 on my external IP RDRed to port 21 on
>Okay. So you are running passively and nothing changed on the system
>(that you are aware of ;0)
>What of your ISP? Could they be blocking 2121 in some way? Does ftp
>_start_ and then when it goes to an alternate port, stop? What do your
>logs show when you or an external client try to connect?
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