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Re: what's wrong? i don't understand... :(

On Sat, 15 Jun 2002, Woodchuck wrote:

> OK, I'm ornery enough to try upgrading from 3.1-stable to 3.1-current,
> right now.  I will do nothing except those things in the minifaq,
> (http://www.openbsd.org/faq/upgrade-minifaq.html), the file
> /usr/src/Makefile, and maybe a man page or two.  I will run script,
> I think, just for laughs.
> I'll report back in about six hours with the results.  I'll bet
> it works.

It worked.  Uneventful.  Machine back on line running current.
I kept the script(1) output, but it's boring, as it should be.
About all I noticed were a few -Wall type messages.

The original state was i386, -stable as of June 2.  Machine is a
vanilla Compaq Proliant 800, PPro 200, 128MB ram and a couple of
SCSI-2 discs.  Runs headless.

The only step not mentioned in the minifaq was that before making
"obj", I executed "find /usr/src -type l -name obj -exec rm {} \;"

I first cvsup'ed /usr/src to current as of about 1530-1800 EDT 6/16.
I then config'ed, made, installed and rebooted the GENERIC kernel.
Then, following all steps in the minifaq and /usr/src/Makefile, the
system was rebuit and rebooted without error. (Well, the minifaq
instructions have a glitch in the part about changing the mode
and ownership of the lpd files.  The example uses the -execdir
argument to find, this doesn't work; it should be -exec, I think.)

Given the excitement of the recent hackerthon, this is pretty
impressive.  Cvsup told me that 8000+ files had been modified.

So a word to the wise: if it don't build, probably you broke it,
if you didn't break it, it'll probably be fixed real soon.

My next experiment might be to do the same from a 2.7-release system
I built last week for this sort of fun. (Actually to see if I can
update it "remotely" [i.e. without touching the console or power
switch] from 2.7 to 3.1 using ftp'd binaries).  I wonder if I can
take that from 2.7-release to 3.1-current without any hacking beyond
the FAQ?  Maybe next weekend.  (I would have used 2.1 for the base
system, but it doesn't support the NIC on that host, and I'm too
lazy to shove an isabus NE2K in it. There are limits :-)

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