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Re: Upgrading sources. 3.0 to 3.1 via cvsup

On Fri, 14 Jun 2002, Albert Martinez wrote:

> I want to upgrade my 3.0 sources to 3.1.  I use cvsup to keep my sources
> upto date.  Never used cvs for these sources.  I've read the cvsup faq and
> the examples for updating freebsd sources.  What are the relevent obsd tags
> and procedures?  Do I use OPENBSD_3_1_TRACKINGSWITCH the first time around?
> Which list?

Use "OPENBSD_3_1" as the tag to get the -stable sources.  Your
existing cvsup procedure should require no other change.

Read the upgrade mini-faq at
htpp://www.openbsd.org/faq/upgrade-minifaq.html, noting in particular
the things to do before actually remaking the system.  Glancing
at the latest incarnation of the minifaq, you will want to pay
attention to sections 3.0.x : "Upgrading *from* 3.0".  The section
3.1.x, "Upgrading *from* 3.1" seems to cover the change from
3.1-stable or -release to -current.  You don't want that. (Somebody
holler LOUDLY if I'm wrong).  NOTA BENE: section 3.0.1  and 3.0.3.
Many are those who are flamed for not reading them first.

If you are hesitant, consider instead dloading the ftp sets for
3.1-release, installing those, and then cvsup to -stable after getting
the release running.

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