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Re: Hiding Kernel Messages

On 14 Jun 2002 01:45:02 +0200
Artur Grabowski <art_(_at_)_blahonga_(_dot_)_org> wrote:
> Jonathan Walther <krooger_(_at_)_debian_(_dot_)_org> writes:
> > He wants to make other peoples lives difficult.  Specifically, he
> > doesn't want people with physical access to the box to be able to
> > find out what the box is running just by rebooting it.  Would be
> > nifty to be able to easily display a graphic image at boot time,
> > like certain other operating systems do...
> Yeah. And completly ruin any possibility to do debugging.
> I've been there. You really don't want to go there.

As a suggestion, how about forcing a serial console in the bootloader?
Plug in a laptop/terminal to get the output.


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