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Re: pf compatiblity w/ other unix OS

On Mon, Jun 03, 2002 at 04:52:17PM +0800, Lars Hansson wrote:
> On Monday 03 June 2002 16:27, Jedi/Sector One wrote:
> >   Ehm, the lack of load balancing and rate limitation is why my company
> > dropped OpenBSD firewalls for Linux.
what? ALTQ is capable of doing:
	BLLUE, CBQ (Class-Based Queueing), FIFOQ (First-In First-Out
     Queue), HFSC (Hierarchical Fair Service Curve), PRIQ (Priority Queueing),
     RED (Random Early Detection), RIO (RED with IN/OUT), WFQ (Weighted Fair
     Queueing), and CDNR (Diffserv Traffic Conditioner) can be configured in
     this file.
QoS in BSD or Linux amounts to the same thing. Load balancing well that 
might be very true. However many tend to load balance if for example 
they are load balancing apache by using its load balancer. Load balancing
on the BSD end is quite easily done. 'Usually' there is MTOWTDI. Well
that is all java deprived:-) To be fair QoS on BSD was mature prior to 
that being true on Linux thanks to ALTQ team for that FYI. So if distributing
credits please be fair. Load balancing? Good point. One as well has the 
tools to write something that does this if they really_want_to and  have
the cycles. 

Best Regards,

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