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Re: does streamlining kernel config really not help performance?

On Mon, Apr 22, 2002 at 05:10:01PM -0400, Telent wrote:

> [. . .]  Actually, a few weeks ago, I  recompiled my kernel.  It
> wasn't out  of any desire to  be flashy or for  extra speed, nor
> for the  sake of the  "rite of passage";  it was that  boot hung
> upon trying  to detect  pcibios, and I  decided I  really didn't
> want to go through UKC every time I booted.

Ah...you  do  know that  you  can  use  config  to write  out  the
modifications you made, saving them for your next boot?

It's  exactly this  sort of  potential confusion  that I'd  hope a
/bsd.conf might be able to help.

> [. .  .] Though I  do admit to  a slight thrill  when everything
> went smoothly. :)

Amen. After spending so much time on other operating systems where
nothing goes  right the  first time,  or the  second time,  or the
third time, or...it's  such a relief to have things  just work the
way they're supposed to.

> -Telent


Ben Goren

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