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Re: Apache upgrade woes - SSL problems (OpenBSD 2.8) (fwd)

Appologies for "top posting", but I wanted to share with
the list a conversation I've been having with Scott (trying
not to clutter the list too much).

For those of you that have upgraded your OpenSSL installs
on OpenBSD, what method have you used?  My main problem is
that I would like to install 0.9.6c, and have it _replace_
the current version installed with OpenBSD.  It doesn't
appear to be a simple undertaking, as OpenSSL and OpenBSD
don't install things in the same places.

Please see below the questions I have posed, and Scott's
answers.  I'd really appreciate it if someone could point
me in the direction of the "correct" way to upgrade
OpenSSL (especially since I would like a version slightly
newer than what is availible via CVS).

Recap:  OpenBSD 2.8-STABLE + Apache 1.3.23 + SSL won't
build, no fix found.

Thanks folks!


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Date: Thu, 28 Feb 2002 09:49:40 -0800
From: Scott Francis <darkuncle_(_at_)_darkuncle_(_dot_)_net>
To: C. Bensend <benny_(_at_)_bennyvision_(_dot_)_com>
Subject: Re: Apache upgrade woes - SSL problems (OpenBSD 2.8)

On Thu, Feb 28, 2002 at 08:05:36AM -0600, benny_(_at_)_bennyvision_(_dot_)_com said:
> Hey Scott,
> 	If 0.9.6b is the latest in the 3.0 tree, I think I'd
> be better off by just going the tarball route.
> 	I don't think I was specific enough in my original
> cry for help - I have absolutely no problem installing it
> like normal software (configure, make, make test, make install).
> That I can do in my sleep.  :)  My concerns are more along the
> lines of "how do I configure the source distribution to replace
> the current OpenSSL, and install it like _OpenBSD_ expects it?"

*nod* I was wondering that myself ... I'm sure you could probably tailor
things to do what you want by using ./config options, but it might be easier
to just locate all your existing ssl-related stuff (/usr/lib/ssl,
/usr/sbin/openssl, etc.), make note of that, and move it elsewhere, and then
untar && ./config && make && make test && make install for OpenSSL-0.9.6c

> 	Ie, I see that openssl is in /usr/sbin, while the
> OpenSSL tarball (with a PREFIX of /usr) would install it
> in /usr/bin.  I don't want to end up with two somewhat
> intermingled OpenSSL installs on this machine...  Especially
> since this machine is remote, and I depend on SSH to both
> monitor and admin it (AFAIK, OpenSSH depends on a lot of the
> OpenSSL stuff).

not necessarily. I mean, it does use the OpenSSL crypto libraries, but the
OpenBSD OpenSSH code is not nearly as dependent on it as the OpenSSH portable
code (or at least, that's my understanding).

> 	So, the Ultimate Question:  Is there a way to get the
> OpenSSL source distribution to install in OpenBSD's original
> directory structure?

possibly with ./config options. I really think you should redirect this to
misc@, because I am now rather interested in exactly how this is supposed to
work also. OpenSSH is OpenBSD-specific, but OpenSSL is not, and yet OpenBSD
has a non-standard installation architecture for it. Can you repost a summary
of our thread to misc@ and see what responses we get?